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Doss Painting is a qualified, licensed and bonded C-33 HIC Painting Contractor. As a family owned and operated business since 1989, owner Brian Doss has extensive experience in the construction industry with commercial painting, residential painting, industrial painting, custom home painting, as well as painting new and prepainted surfaces.


During our inital consultation, we note whether we will be painting indoors, outdoors, upstairs, down stairs, hallways, windows, doors and all entry and exit points. 


Becuase we take the time to do a thorough walk-through, we have a greater understanding of your project including which surfaces will be painted such as walls, trims, moldings, ceilings, etc. and discuss arrangements for which pieces of furniture, rugs, plants, may need to be removed from the project area.


We also estimate how long the project will take from start to finish and confirm paint colors and finishes before the initial application.  Details about each job are provided in a FREE WRITTEN ESTIMATE and we are straight-forward about payment options.


With our proven track record, we have established a strong client retention and repeat customers, so much so that we are continuously booking clients year-round.  Our commitment is to being: professional, courteous, on-time, clean and organized, and to gain your trust so that we can be your...

                                                                 Painting Partner for Life! 



Because your time is valuable, why not hire the right person the first time? Whether you are hiring a painting professional for a planned community or a single family home, it's important to choose a professional painter you can trust; one that has earned a solid reputation as an industry leader by providing the most innovative products and techniques available in the market today.


For more than 25 years Doss Painting has helped eliminate the stress of having to find a painter.  We are a licensed contractor who is bonded and insured.  Our work comes with a personal guarantee and is done solely by our team, meaning we do not subcontract with other painters and our quality of workmanship is controlled. 


Key to a Project’s Success!  

We believe the key to success is to have a genuine understanding about the specific details of your project. During our initial conversation we listen to you outline the scope of work that will be required and identify areas that will be painted. We can also assit in helping you select the most up-to-date paint colors and coverings. 




Thank you for doing such an incredible job repainting the interior of our house.  Your quality of work and professionalism are impeccable.  I’m pleased to say you will be my painter for life!  Thank you again .


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